Dept of Geography


Department Of Geography

The Department of Geography headed by Prof. Aijaz Ahmad Dar, imparts knowledge of teaching of geography to Inservice and Preservice teachers. The department is as old as the College and has been led by leading Geography teachers of the valley since its inception. The objective of the establishment of department are:

  • To provide Geographical knowledge to the students.
  • To train the students in the latest methods of teaching Geography.
  • To develop in the students various skills needed for teaching of Geography.
  • To develop in the students love for Humanity and work for the betterment of the people of the state,the Country and the world.
  • To Make the students useful and responsible citizens.
  • To train the students in the skill of evaluation.

The department, in addititon to classroom, has Laboratory, which contains apparatus - Globes and charts for making teaching of Geography intresting and effective.The Geographical charts and apparatus include:

1. Map
2. Charts
3. Potraits
4. Globes
5. Whether Instrument and instrument for measuring height (Altimeter)
6. Telescope
7. Models

The Department organises geographical tours to help the students to acquire direct experience of Geographical facts,procession & phenomenon.

1. Prof Aijaz Ahmad Dar