Dept of Mathematics






Department Of Mathematics

The Govt College of Education has Department of Mathematics among other departments which is headed by Dr. Tawheeda Rasool. A number of Pupil Teacher are enrolled every year. Every effort is being made to enroll more Pupil teachers.Since the teaching of Mathematics is the necessary requirement of the present day.Pupil Teachers are made aware of the various skills which are an essential requirement of a mathematics Teacher.

Values of mathematics like Intellectual value,Social value,Psychological value,Moral value,Disciplinary value and Cultural value are the guiding Principles of life which are conductive to all round development.

Objective :
  • To develop the power of logical thinking and reasoning.
  • To develop the positive attitude among the students towards the subject.
  • To create the inetrest of the students in maths.
  • To develop Mathematics attitude among students.

The pupil Teacher acquires skill in Computation, Drawing geometrical figures and graphs.Reading tables, Charts,Graphs etc.innovative techniques of teaching and evaluation are tried by teacher during their interaction with students. It has been observed that over the years there is a decline in the number of students opting for Mathematics. One of the main Objective of the course as such remains that Pupil teacher are trained to motivate Students towards the Mathematics. Efforts are made to make the teaching and learning of mathematics as an Enjoyable exercise.

1. Dr. Tawheeda Rasool