IQAC - Introduction


The basic purpose of establishment of IQAC as a post accrediation quality sustinance measure is to develop a system for conscious, consistant and catalyic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution and to assure all the stake holders about the quality and capacity building programms provided in the institution.Quality enhancement is a continious process to channlize the efforts and the initations of the institution towards academic excellence.It is a process of internilization and institutionalization of quality enhancement programms and practices either emulated from others or devised through ingenuity. It is a quality nuturing activity rather than controlling its success depends upon the sense of belongingness and participation it can inculcate all the constituents of the institutionit is a facilitative and participative unit of institution it should seen as a vechile for ushering in quality and excellence by working out intervention strategies to remove deficiencies and enhance quality.the publication of IQAC NEWS helps desseminating the information about the information about the activities, programmes,interaction carried out by an institution for sharing the same with the stake holders , other higher education institutions and teacher education institutions to be emulated and improved for achieving best results or for getting accredited and assessed by the NAAC.

Objectives Of IQAC

  • To identify strengths and weaknesses in the process and outcome of teaching and learning.
  • To improve healthy practices and overcome weaknesses .
  • To evolve a feedback mechanid\sm and empoly it for reforms and development.
  • To create intellectual atmosphere for the benefit of educational system at grass roots.
  • To prepare actions plans for academic sessions.
  • To bring overall efficiency in academic programs of the college.
Value Framework
  • Contributing to national development
  • Fostering Global Competencies
  • Inculcating value System
  • Promoting the use of Techologies
IQAC In Action
The IQAC of the college is a well knit unit that hads initiated a number of programms after the accreditation of the college. the prestigious GRADE "A" accrediation award has come in acknowledgement of already existing excellence standards and more importantly tot ake college to new heights of quality levels sustenance and improvement.the college IQAC is continously focused toards this end .

Students Council Election
The students elected their council for the session the process was monitored by Dr.M.Y.Magrey, dean student welfare .Due representation was given to female representatives . The members of the council are charged with the responsiblities of highlighting the difficulties of the students and also serve as a link between college administration and students. The council maintained a close rapport with the dean abnd exhibited discipline of high order during their stay in the college.

News Letter/Distribution Of Academic Calendar.
As per the rich traditions of the college the college IQAC in collabration with publication wing of the college distributed the news letters/anademic calendars of the college.

Out Of The College Activities
The IQAC organized its first two out of the college activities in the month of april and october.The outings created a very healthy atmosphere for the effective teaching -learning process.

Workshop On Developing Low-Cost Teaching Aids A workshop of five days duration was organized to trian students in developing low-cost teaching aids .The workshop was more of a practical nature .Service of artists and skilled people was had for the benefit of students .Model Micro and Macro lessons.the college IQAC in collaboration owith practice of teaching committee of the college organized a series of model lesson demonstrations on micro and macro teaching.

Extension Lectures
It is very regular feature of the academic calendar of the college .Lectures on various dimensions of education were organized for the betterment of pupil-teachers.Experts from various backgrounds delievered lectures for the trianees in collaboration with educational activity cell of the college.