NAAC Suggestions


NAAC Introduction

NAAC is an autonomous organization established by the University Grants Commission in the year 1994. Its prime objective is to assess and accredit institutions of higher learning with the objective of helping them to work continuously to improve the quality of education.

The Introduction of NAAC is an indication to National Development, Quality Education and Individual Development. It is the agency which has introduced important and innovative processes in India, and it is really high time that academic class sensitizes itself with an unprecedented advancement in science and technology. The new approach for higher education was the need of the hour. There was need of accountability of teachers to their subjects, students and institutions. NAAC is not only itself an assurance for improvement of higher education but has also paved the way for institutions to access themselves. The program of self-study or self-evaluation is to know the capacity, work potential, production, qualities and weaknesses of the institutions. This program of introspection and self evaluation is to know your own self.

The Team

The NAAC Peer Team comprising Prof. Mohammad Miyan, Dean, Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (Chairman - Coordinator ), Prof. M.L. Koul, Indra Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi (Member) and Prof. (Ms) Sudesh Gakhar , Punjab University, Chandigarh ( Member ) visited the college on October 11 - 12, 2004. The team studied and discussed among them selves the SSR of the College, interacted with the Principal, Teachers, Students, Alumni and Parents/guardians, and visited labs , library, classrooms , students' support services and other facilities in the college.

The team assessed the college on the basis of six ( VI ) criteria, viz: Curricular Design And Planning ; Curricular Transaction And Evaluation; Research , Development And Extension ; Infrastructure And learning Resources ; Student Support And Progression; organization And Management. On the basis of overall analysis of given criteria, The team made the following suggestions.

Naac Suggestions
  1. Since the State Govt. is deputing a large number of Teachers for undergoing B.Ed Programme, this is making the classes a bit crowded. On the other hand there is substential increase in the Private Colleges of Education. The Govt, while granting them NOC, may make an understanding that certain percentage of teacher candidates be taken by them as well; This would reduce the pressure on Govt. Colleges of Education in the state.
  2. Further, the govt colleges in the State are under the dual control of the University on one side & the govt on the other. Would it be possible for the Govt & the University to make these colleges as constituent colleges of the University, thus paving the way for their better growth & development.
  3. In view of the increased number of seats & diversification of courses, the college needs to have more number of teachers, especially in Languages.
  4. Laboratory facility needs to be enriched and expanded.
  5. College should have a well equipped language lab, specially in view of the fact that every B.Ed Trainee opts for one language.
  6. The college caters to the acadamic needs of the students who came from far off areas like Kargil and Ladakh; it needs to have Hostels both for boys & girls students.
  7. As internship & practice of teaching are seperately shown in the syllabus, internship needs to be streamlined & broadbased.
  8. Provision of some merit cum means schlorships need to be made for students from weaker section of society in view of the trend of increase in fee structure every year.
  9. The suggestions put forth by the faculty to the University that the Project work should not be group work, needs immediate attention to avoid discrimination.
  10. The Computer lab should be expanded, should have more qualified teachers; Faculty improvment programme should be strengthened.
  11. The college has the potential to become an independent college. The authorities may take up the case to make it an autonomous College.