About the College




About the College

                          This premier and historic institution started working with a humble beginning as a Teacher Training School established in 1937, promoted to Teachers Training College in 1948. The Institute was designated as Govt. College of Education in 1968. The team from MHRD visited the college in April, 2013 and gave recommendation for up gradation of the college to IASE. The Higher Education Department, Govt. of J&k issued orders for up gradation in August 2016 vide Govt. Order No: HE/UP-GRAD/COES/CSS2013/78 Dated: 04/03/2016 wherein the college was upgraded to INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES IN EDUCATION (IASE). In 2016 there was a change in the affiliating University, the college is presently affiliated to Cluster University Srinagar, and with its affiliation to Cluster University Srinagar it was designated as “School of Education”. The institution now aspires to be an autonomous University and has started working in that direction.


                     Being accredited by NAAC in 2004 with Grade ‘A’ and then Re-accredited in March 2012 with Grade-A (CGPA 3.52 on a four point scale), both the times it was rated by NAAC as High Performing Institution and the peer team placed on record great appreciation and recommendation for an autonomous status. The institution has institutional memberships with APQN (ASIA PACIFIC QUALITY NETWORK) since 2011 and INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHER EDUCATORS since 2016.The institution is the lead Teachers Training College being the only one in the valley and working hard to achieve its vission “Excellence in Teacher Education”. Presently the programmes offered by the college are


Sr. No

Name of The Programme

Intake Capacity

Duration of The Programme



150 candidates

(100 pre-service & 50 in-service)

2 Years (4 Semesters)




104  (24 Self Financed)

2 Years (4 Semesters)




52   (12 self Financed)

3 Years (6 Semesters)



52   (12 self Financed)

2 Years (4 Semesters)



4 Year B.A. Honours (Education)

50 candidates

4 Years (8 Semesters)


        All the courses are as per the recommendation of Justice Verma Committee Report and the recommendations of National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE-2009). However the PG courses both M.Ed & M.A. Education follow Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) pattern. The institution provides students an opportunity to choose among any one Certificate Courses which are add-on courses.

           Moreover the Institution is in the Process of getting affiliation from NCTE for all its Teacher Education Programme vide  Application Sequence No: 21222020082695 Final Application Code: FR-2122-NRC-68345519 Dated:- 29th August, 2020. To align its programme in tune with NEP 2020 the college already prepared course structure for 4 Year BSc-B.Ed/B.A.-B.Ed. To shift from standalone Teacher Training Institution to a Multidiciplinary Institution, the College from this academic session 2022 has started 4 year B.A. Honours in Education as a measure. The intake capacity for the said programme shall be 50.


                        Besides teaching the institution is imparting Orientation, Induction and Training, TOT courses for both School Teachers under Directorate of School Education and Assistant Professors from Higher Education Dept., J&K Govt. Educational administrators, ZRPs, CRPs, Teacher Educators.Training Programmes are organized Under Centrally Sponsored Teacher Education Scheme of MHRD. The institute has linkage with DSEK, SIE and DIET. The institution has a UGC Sponsored Women’s Studies Centre established since 2006. The WSC carries out teaching, training and research projects. The college has a number of annual publications, Journal – INQUIRY (ISSN No-0974-8997), Magazine- Shame-Ferozan, IQAC- Newsletter, Research Compendium.