Alumni Qandeel



Alumni Qandeel

Motto : Excellence in Teacher Education

Vision : Unconditional Direction Towards Development

Mission : To Empower Our Students


The Contribution of Alumni Association

The Alumni Association in our institution plays an active role in programmes like Mentoring students in their area of expertise. They also play a significant role in contributing scholarships to deserving students. It is important for the success of the institution. Our Alumni Association helps in raising the funds which help in contributing towards the developmental activities of the institution. Our Alumni network of the college is one of the biggest source of placement opportunities to students they inform students about various placement opportunities.Our Alumni provides support by giving awards and prizes to rank holding students They are the brand ambassadors of the college and help in the following ways

  •           Provide valuable suggestions during the course of interaction for the development of academic as well as administrative side of the college
  •          Contribute towards the college community development fund
  •          Supervise the P.O.T programmes conducted in the different Practising centres of J&K
  •          Conduct remedial classes
  •          Motivate students interest in pursuing teacher education course and seek admission in the college.


     Our Alumni Association acts as on effective support to the institution from time to time .

  1. They motivate the students on seeing their role & position in the society students get motivated to get admission in the college

  2. The Alumni Association itself motivate the students who want to pursue B.Ed course to seek admission in this college

  3. The performance of college alumni in different fields of life provides introduction to the students about the college

  4.  The teacher pass outs working in different educational institutes’ public as well as private have left indeligible imprints on the minds of students which carry a message about the professional competence as well as institutions. The Alumni indeed acts as a role model for others to seek admission in this institution.

  5. The teacher trainees of this institution are trained to contribute to the society by taking remedial classes for below average student and additional classes for talented students to sharpen their talent

  6. They also contribute towards college community development fund which is disturbed among the needy students. This helps in facilitating the education of economically socially and educationally backwards pupils.


  • Oct 2002, old student meet was help at college of education

  • Dec 2002, NAAC considers the establishment of college of Alumni

  • June 2003, a meeting of executive council was held. The constitution was discussed and finalized

  • Qandeel: An alumini celebrates womens day. Many distinguished ladies were invited talk on women empowerment.

  • Qandeel: through newspaper invites the ex-students, administrators for the membership.

  • Qandeel: informs all others about its programme through invitation letters and formulates the list of alumini

  • Qandeel: Records renowed education list an alumini of the college Dr. Agha Ashraf Ali.

  • Qandeel: An-Alumini publishes the brochure providing full information about its name , title, objectives and functions.

  • Qandeel:identifies two blinds. The two were helped to develop skill to shape paper envelopes and to be illiterate in accordance with their potential.

  • Qandeel: is formally introduced to public, Vice Chancellor Kashmir University was Chief Guest.

  • Qandeel: identifies five mentally retarded and makes an arrangement for their special classes.

  • Qandeel:idenfifies two schools Govt. Middle School, Amira kadal and Govt. Middleschool Batamaloo for adoption. Small help with in the resources of society was provided to the school.

  • Qandeel: identifies few orphan homes and makes an arrangement for their remedial teaching and orientation of teaching.

  • Qandeel:recommends the study of education and social problems of differentcommunities like fisherman community, polter community etc throughprojects

  • Qandeel - Alumni Meet 2018 was held on 17th November 2018 in the college conference hall of the college. The meet was attended by 32 members. Senior most faculty members Prof. Farhat   Tasneen , former Principal of the college prof Zaman Azurda , Former Dean and Head , department of Urdu , university of Kashmir , prof Hawa Bashir, former head department of music govt college of women M.A Road Srinagar. Prof G.M Shah former faculty IASE, prof Quratul-Ain, Prof Manzoor Wazir  former faculty IASE.  All senior members expressed their views about the institution .

  • Alumni Meet 2019 was organized  on 1st August 2019 in the college Auditorium. The meeting was attended by  senior most faculty members ,college alumni  were more than 150. Prof Seema Naz, principal of the college formally welcomed the guests and briefly described the role of our college alumni. All revered alumni of the college expressed their views and experiences about the college. Most of the alumni from the college have done registration in the College Alumni account either by full time (Rs.1000) or yearly registration (Rs.100). Suggestions for further improvement were taken. At the end the group photograph was taken.

  • Qandeel Alumni Meet 2021. The program was stared with the recitation of quran by the M.A student. The meet was attended by 50 members. Senior most faculty members  prof. Farhat   Tasneen , former Principal of the college, M.S.Allie, former faculty IASE, Prof Rizwi, Prof Najumudin, prof Bashir Ahmad Bhat former faculty IASE,   , prof Hawa Bashir, former head department of music govt college of women m.a road Srinagar were present on the occasion. The expenditure details are enclosed.