Dept of History






Department Of History

The Department of History is headed by Prof. Luckivinder Singh Sodhi. The deptt. is as old as the college & has been lead by many eminent teachers & educators.The Deptt has worked very hard to achieve the Objectives of teaching of History at secondary level which are:

  • To develop national & International understanding.
  • To give proper conception of time,space,society & ideas.
  • To Develop spirit of tolerance.
  • To train students in solving Controversial issues.
  • To Foster love for cultural heritage.
Specific Objectives are:
  • To impart knowledge and understanding to students? About past (cognitive).
  • To mould their attitude & create intrest towards history.
  • To develop the skill of the students.
  • To teach moral Principles.
The department in addition to classroom teaching has laboratory which Contains:
  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Antiques
  • Potraits of eminent Personalities.
  • Film strips
  • Timelines
Deptt. organises historical tour to make students to acquire direct experience of the subjects & feel historical truths. The Dalton plan & laboratory method is taught in the lab.