Dept of Languages


Department Of Languages Urdu / English / Kashmiri / Hindi

To enable the pre-service and inservice pupil teachers to develop the basic skills:-listening.,speaking,reading,and writing among their learners.
To acquaint them with different methods and techniques of language.
To help them in preparing lessons: prose,poetry.
To enable them to evaluate different skills of their learners.
To help them to develop interest for languages among their students.

Mode of Teaching
The lecture is delivered on a topic followed by questions.
Pupil teachers prepare assignments.They are engaged in group discussions,role plays,pair work and make presentation.

Teaching Aids Available
Music system -tape recorders, CD players with language material for the development of oral-oural skills.

Sno Faculty Member Qualification
01 Prof.Rubeen Jabeen M.A English
02 Prof.Abdul Gani Kumar M.Phil,NET (Urdu), B.Ed
04 Prof.Shabana Shabir M.Phil,NET (Hindi)