Dept of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Govt. College of Education has Department of Mathematics among other departments which is headed by Dr Tawheeda Rasool. The Department of mathematics offers support in running B.Ed and integrated B.Ed-M.Ed courses of the college. The aims of teaching mathematics are to encourage and enable students to recognize that mathematics permeates the world around us. The Department aims to give extensive training and interest to the students to have knowledge of the subject which will help them to serve the society. A number of Pupil Teacher are enrolled every year. Every effort is being made to enroll more Pupil teachers. Since the teaching of Mathematics is the necessary requirement of the present day. Pupil Teachers are made aware of the various skills which are an essential requirement of a mathematics Teacher. It has been observed that over the years there is a decline in the number of students opting for Mathematics. One of the main Objective of the course as such remains that pupil-teacher are trained to motivate students towards the Mathematics. Efforts are made to make the teaching and learning of mathematics as an enjoyable exercise.

Objectives :

·       Develop positive attitude towards learning mathematics.Think and reason, logically and critically, in a given situation.

·       Develop investigative skills in mathematics.

·        Collect, organize, represent, analyse, interpret data and make predictions.

·        Perform mathematical operations and manipulations with confidence.

·       Appreciate the role and value of mathematics for individual and society.

Dr Tawheeda Rasool
M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phill Ph.D


Mathematics forms the backbone for knowledge development in every sphere. I strongly believe that nobody becomes a prominent learner without significant knowledge of Mathematics. Mathematics has come to be recognized as the language of all the subjects in that there is hardly any field that has not been profoundly affected by mathematics. So it becomes necessary to inculcate the knowledge of mathematics to our pupil-teacher so that we can overcome the fear of mathematics to our younger generation which they are going to tackle after completing this course.


Activities Undertaken in the Department

  •   Students are trained in various teaching skills like explanation and illustrations with examples, to be good Mathematics teachers.
  •  They are trained to plan and deliver the lessons using different approaches of Lesson planning in actual classroom situations, during teaching practice.
  •   They are trained in content analysis of various units of a Mathematics textbook and maintaining a Mathematics diary.
  •  They are trained in Unit planning and techniques of evaluation, both formative and summative, to test the all-round development of students.
  •   Focus is on training the students to improvise the mathematical models and make Low-cost No-cost teaching aids, for teaching the basic concepts of Mathematics.
  •     Innovative techniques of teaching and evaluation are tried by teacher during their interaction with students.



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