GSCASH (Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassment)

           Gender sensitization against Sexual harassment in campuses is a sine qua non of peaceful and respectful living. Sexual harassment can happen at work places, institutions, in the family or on the streets. Even in an enlightened institution like a university campus sexual harassment cannot be very uncommon.With the aim of constituting a legally formalized Cell to address gender issues, the gender sensitization committee against sexual harassment (GSCASH) in Govt College of Education (IASE) M.A.Road, Srinagar J&K, has been constituted.

            GSCASH Guidelines are in compliance with

  • Ministry of Human Resource Development, University Grant Commission Notification 2016

  • University Grant Commission (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions)Regulations, 2015

  • UGC guidelines for ensuring gender neutrality, 2016

  • Ministry of Women and Child Development Guidelines for Gender Champions in Educational Institutions, 2016

          Definition of Sexual Harassment

          Sexual harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behaviour(whether directly or by implication) namely 

  • Physical contact and advances.

  • A demand or request for sexual favors.

  • Making sexually coloured remarks.

  • Any unwelcome messages through telephone or internet.

  • Showing pornography.

  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature. 





Phone No

Prof. Rubeena Jabeen

Associate Professor

Presiding Officer


Dr. Nuzhat Nasreen

Assistant Professor



Dr. Nousheen Qureshi

Assistant Professor



Dr. Tawheeda Rasool

Assistant Professor



Prof. Syed Shabana Shabir

Assistant Professor

Member Secretary


Prof. L.S. Sodhi

Associate Professor

Legal Advisor


Ms. Narjees Nawab

Law Secretary, Govt. of J&K

Legal Expert/External Member


Prof. Ab. Gani Kumar

Assistant Professor



Ms. Shagufta Hassan

Sr. Assistant

Sr. Assistant


Ms. Shaista Khan

Technical Assistant

Technical Assistant


Mr. Kamal Ji Zandoo


Student Member


Ms. Sabah Istiyaq

Student ï»¿

Student Member



              CASH has two major functions: Preventive and Remedial


  • To work towards creating an atmosphere promoting equality, non-discrimination and gender sensitivity. 

  • To promote and facilitate measures to create a work and study environment that is free of sexual harassment.


  • To receive and take cognizance of complaints made about sexual harassment at the college and give every complaint serious consideration. 
  • Crisis Management, Mediation and Counselling
  • To conduct enquiries into the complaints, place findings and recommendations regarding penalties against the harasser in accordance with the rules and procedures laid down by the GSCASH, before the College Administration.

           ICC (Internal Complaints Committee)

 As a compliance to Guidelines of UGC & Supreme Court of India, the college has established the Internal Complaints Committee(ICC) to ensure an effective enforcement of the rights of gender equality and an environment free from sexual harassment. The college ICC tries to address the grievances in a confidential and sensitive manner. If a student approaches the committee member either through the complaint box placed in the college campus or by phone, necessary action is taken through counseling and conciliatory methods. At times when cases require an inquiry, it is conducted and the matter is sorted as soon as possible from the date of filing the complaint. Upon filing the complaint following course of action is taken:

·       Meeting is held if a complaint is received by any member

·       The written complaint is entertained from the victim and the committee prepares the detailed statement of incidents as soon as possible. 

·       An inquiry is held jointly by the members of ICC

·       The issue is discussed and finalized within a stipulated time.

·       Minutes of inquiry are documented

       Action Plan

·       Counseling the affected students to overcome trauma

·       Displaying current laws about sexual harassment and gender discrimination at key places in the campus

·       Conduct and participate in awareness programmes and campaigns for the benefit of students and staff

       Frequency of meetings

                 The committee usually meets once in a year (beginning of academic year) and as and when needed.


         Structure of ICC is the same as GS-CASH Committee.