Guidance and Counselling

Glossary of Guidance and Counselling

COMPILED BY :Prof. Farida Akther
Assistance given by an expert person to an individual.
It is scientific processes of assistance extend by an expert to a needy person in an individual.
It shows the path.
Educational guidance
It is mainly concerned with such problems of education as are faced by the students engaged in the study of different subjects for their vocational preparation.
Vocational guidance
It is a continuous process which begins in
the school and is needed throughout the working life of the individual.
Personal guidance
It is the assistance offered to a person to solve the personal problems.
Mental test
Mental test includes aptitude test interest inventories, personality test and even the achievement test.
Conversation with a definite purpose.
Case study
It is counsellers deal with problem students. Freud used case study method to assist his subject to solve his personality problems.
Family history
It includes information about the family, neighbor, person's rapport with his family members etc.
Personality information
Such information includes attitude of a person towards his family, social and emotional adjustment and other personality traits.
Educational history
It includes educational achievements of the pupils.
School history
It includes the facts about his previous employment, special qualifications, vocational interests and desires etc.
Social History
It includes a person's social backward, his social, cultural, political and religious participations etc.
Job analysis
It is related to task or activities which may be Psychomotor in nature.
Task analysis
It is very useful concept for developing the understanding and skills for teaching and training.
Preparatory service
It means preparation for entry into some vocation.
Placement programme
Placement is a service with the guidance programme designed to assist students in the selection of suitable courses.
Follow-up programme
it means the service used to assess a person's limit of adjustment or rate of adjustment in an occupation or in educational programme.
Aptitude test
It is designed to measure a person's potential ability in an activity of specialized kind and within a restricted range.
It is frustrated fear.
It means a large variety of reaction. The nervous students are restless and unable to concentrate on studies.
Frustration and anxiety produce tension within the individual and prolonged tension causes stress.
it is a milder form of mental ailment which generally origination from prolonged emotional strain and emotional conflict.
Group guidance
When more than one individual are put together in a group for educational, vocational or personal guidance is known as group guidance.

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