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 Directorate of Distance Education/ Information Centre

         Study cum Information Centre was started in the College in Jan 2008. It has 660 books on B.Ed,M.Ed,law and urdu.This is to provide library facilities to students who undergo various post-Graduate and under-graduate through distance mode.
The function of the center is to provide information regarding various courses of distance education.It conducts contact programme of M.Ed. During winter vacation. Classes are organised for the students fior 20 days. Assignments are also provided to students, which after compeletion are evaluated by an expert team. It facililates DDE by suggesting pannel of experts on various subjects, and helps in conducting various orientation courses and practice of teaching programmes. Persons associated with information center are:

  • Laison officer  : Dr. Shaheena Rasool

  • Librarian :        Mukhtar Ahmed

  • Clerk:              Mudasir Ahmad

  • Orderly:           Hilal Ahmad

  • Sweeper:         Mehraj Ud Din

Government College of Education, IASE has been the Study cum Information Centre, for B.Ed. program Directorate of Distance Education, University of Kashmir since 2008. This institute is providing space and resource persons for the contact classes of B.Ed. program (distance mode) for all the four semesters. Every year the students are getting admission through directorate of distance education in B.Ed. program and their (those who have opted for district Srinagar) classes are conducted in our institution. In one academic session contact classes are conducted twice in a year for a period of 20 days. In one spell contact classes for 1st and 2nd semester are held and in another spell for 3rd and 4th semester. At the end of every semester internal assessment takes place and the awards are submitted to directorate of distance education.

Contact classes, Bed. 2020 (1st and 2nd semester) in the month of January 2020

More than 320 students were enrolled in this study Centre.

Contact classes 2021

B.Ed.  Ist and 2nd semester, batch 2019, held in March and April 2021 More than 130 students were enrolled (offline and online mode)

B.Ed.3rd and 4th semester, batch 2018 held in June 2021 approximately  140 students (online mode)

Contact classes 2022

1st and 2nd sem batch 2020 held in February 2022 through online mode


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