Instructional Technology

Glossary of Essentials of instructional Technology

Paper-iv :- by Prof. Mudasir
Things which really does not exist and not having shapes. These are imaginative things.
Means breaking problem in to parts.
Audio aids
Aids which call upon our sense of hearing.
Things which are solid having length, breadth, weight and can be visualized.
Thinking carefully about the known facts. E.g: A rule, formula etc is presented to students and are asked to verify.
Educational technology
Is a system of education in which machines, materials, media, men and methods are interrelated and work together for the fulfillment of educational objectives.
This is based on observation and firsthand experience.
It means drawing conclusion from a set of examples.
To teach someone how to do something or use same thing.
Substitute of reality used for copying or imitation.
Modern concept
Teaching is a tri-polar process.
Means grouping of different parts together to form a whole.
Derived from word "to teach" which means to instruct, hence a process in which one individual instructs other is teaching.
It is the study and knowledge of practical use of scientific discoveries.
Traditional concept
Teaching is a bi-polar process.
Training helps in acquiring various skills or by training already existing skill within an individual can make him efficient carpenter, meson or technician.
Visual aids
Aids which call upon visual senses and help learning through viewing.

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